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Socmed Monitoring & Analytics

Social media monitoring and analytics helps you to measuring your social media presence. We could help your brand to sensing the trend or issue. We could avail monitors your social media conversation (about brand or competitor) based on online conversations from keywords, phrases, brand etc and analyse to create insight.

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Integrated Marketing Communication

Approach your brand to interact in all aspects of marketing communication, such as public relations, advertising offline, and social media. From the data that we had, we ensure all communications strategist are comprehensive and consistent both online and offline.

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Information Technology

We can assist you to measure the impact of campaigns, identify opportunities for engagement, asses competitor activity and share of voice, alerted to impending crises. We also provide valuable information about emerging trends and what consumers and clients think about specific topics, brand or products.

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MediaWave Dashboard really helps us to know the various trends and issues on social media. This makes it very easy for us to get insights related to our business strategies in the future. The analysis carried out by the MediaWave team is also comprehensive and in-depth. With accurate data, we can find out the position of our product right on the market.


MediaWave is made by Indonesians for Indonesians! For a social listening tool, no one can understand the thoughts of Indonesians other than their own citizens. Imported tools may look fancy, but when it comes to understanding and developing issues in the country, there is nothing better than social listening tools produced by Indonesians.

Fachry Badry Head of McCann Digital

MediaWave is a monitoring company that really helps us understand consumer opinions and expectations on our products. The dashboard and results of analysis from the MediaWave team also provide a lot of insight about competitors that help us determine the next strategic step. MediaWave has also helped us develop a digital strategy that greatly supports digital marketing in our company. -


Indofood uses MediaWave services to monitor and analyze all conversations on social media related to our brand. With accurate data, we can get a lot of insight about the expectations and perceptions of our consumers. MediaWave also gives us lots of insights about competitors that are useful for preparing a better marketing strategy in the future.

Karls Jap Indofood

Understanding consumer opinions is not an easy thing. But with the dashboards and analytics services from MediaWave, we can easily map consumer sentiments about our products. This is certainly very useful because we can get accurate data and don't have to guess randomly what people say on social media. MediaWave Dashboard is very helpful to the team. In addition, communication with MediaWave also went very well. The MediaWave team can be visited at any time when needed.

Elsa Dewi Citylink Digital Marketing Manager

Telkomsel is one of companies that uses MediaWave services. Previously, we had used services from foreign companies. But after looking at the platform, we chose to use services from MediaWave. Through the social media monitoring platform developed by MediaWave, Telkomsel can determine sentiments in Indonesian for several brands owned by Telkomsel, such as Kartu Halo, Simpati, Ace and Telkomsel Flash.

Rizky Muhammad Head of Telkomsel Media Channel Management Division


Sinar mas Command Center.

We built command center for their president office. This command center is able to monitoring every conversation about their company.


Digital Johor Command Center.

We provide centralized command center for Digital Johor to observe political issues in Malaysia.


Trans Media Social Command Center.

Has various business, CT Corps needs tools to supervise all business unit. We built command center to help their brand and corporate to monitor the conversation, emerge of trends and analyze the data.


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