MediaWave Listening Dashboard

"Riding the wave" is a word that is familiar to all of us. All brands do. You will get better engagement, your content goes viral. Everyone is happy. But is your goal just to stop at high E.R? How does it affect your product awareness?

Turn your digital communication strategy into a data-driven strategy. For that, you need data and that's why we created this dashboard. Use the Mediawave Listening Dashboard to:

  • Get to know potential customers more deeply from their conversations on social media

  • Find out what they like and don't like about your product or competitors' products

  • Monitor the effectiveness of competitors' campaigns

  • Recognize negative feedback with email alerts

IDR 15mio/month

IDR 7.5mio/month

IDR 15mio/month

IDR 7.5mio/month

  • Easy to use Dashboard

  • Unlimited Keywords

  • Unlimited Account Tracked

  • Free demo from Analyst

  • Technical supports

MediaWave Listening Dashboard
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